Many companies talk about their awesome locations, cool events, and great benefits packages. We can, too. But when you and your family join the Fusion Technology team, you not only get to work with our great customers, but you become part of an incredibly collaborative and supportive team. Fusion Technology has created a culture that attracts smart, passionate, and committed individuals whose mission aligns with ours: creating the best possible outcomes for our customers and partners. If you’re ready to master new skills, build meaningful relationships, and access limitless growth potential, join us! At Fusion Technology, we will grow together! 

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“The thing I most value and respect about working for Fusion is their dedication to maintaining the level of benefits as well as possible over the years. They absorb more and more cost every year to insulate us as much as possible. 

Aside from that, I love that they do a lot to foster a sense of community within the company and make everyone feel part of a team. As a contractor, it's easy to feel more like a member of job-placement service than actually a part of a company. I see no other company at CJIS that puts the same level of effort into that." 

- Fusion Technology Team Member 

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