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Our Services

Cloud Development 

Fusion Technology provides the expertise necessary to improve and enhance an enterprise's migration to the Cloud from on-premises systems or applications into a secure Elastic Cloud or server-less solution. Fusion Technology has provided private- and public-proven cloud solutions for more than five years in the federal technology market.

Biometric Integration 

Fusion Technology offers biometric system engineering, development, and operations and maintenance (O&M). Our employees have provided key CON US and OCONUS solutions and support for enterprise level biometric and identity management initiatives throughout the US Federal Government, including DoD, OHS, DoS, and FBI.

Agile Development 

Fusion Technology employees are highly adaptable and can operate within organizations at any level of Agile maturity, using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), DevOps, Kanban, or Scrum Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) frameworks.


Fusion Technology currently partners with the FBI to determine, develop, implement, coordinate, and evaluate information assurance and security standards and programs to comply with FISMA and NIST policies. Fusion Technology helps identify and resolve security violations as well as analyze and develop security features and requirements for systems and system architectures.

Blockchain Developer

Changing the Game

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Fusion Technology. Our main goal is to help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Click below to learn more about our experience within this ever-changing industry. 

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