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Fusion Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG)

Fusion ESG (Cage Code 8RUF1), a division of Fusion Technology, is a full-service Technology Integration Contractor (TIC) and is comprised of seasoned veterans in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Divisions 27 & 28 (telecommunications, electronic security, and audio/visual [AV] systems) disciplines. The Fusion ESG leadership, formerly WOG, LLC, has a proven record in providing turnkey design, engineering, and project management, installation, testing, commission and operations and maintenance (O&M) services for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) facilities and mission-critical environments inside the Contiguous United States (CONUS) and Outside CONUS (OCONUS) for the FBI, Department of State (DOS), Department of Energy (DOE), and Department of Defense (DOD).

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Technology Integration Contractor (TIC)

Fusion Technology offers a turnkey and complete technology integration service offering directly to end users and prime contractors in Capitol Improvement and/or Real Estate portfolio projects.

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Telecommunications Cabling Infrastructure (Layer 1) Installation & Commissioning

Design/Build or Bid/Build of Telecommunications infrastructure and/or system implementation of CSI Division 26-27 Contractor Scope of Work. Typical contract includes: Shop Drawings, Technical Submittals, Material Logistics, Trade Coordination, Site Survey, Installation, Change Response, Testing & QA, Commissioning, and Reporting.


Technical Security Systems (TSS) Installation & Commissioning

Design/Build or Bid/Build of Security & Access Control System implementation of CSI Division 27-28 Contractor Scope of Work. Typical contract includes: Shop Drawings, Technical Submittals, Material Logistics, Trade Coordination, Site Survey, Installation, Change Response, Testing & QA, Commissioning, and Reporting.


Audio Visual Systems (AV) Installation & Commissioning

Design/Build or Bid/Build of Audio-Visual System implementation of CSI Division 28 Contractor Scope of Work. Typical contract includes: Shop Drawings, Technical Submittals, Material Logistics, Trade Coordination, Site Survey, Installation, Change Response, Testing & QA, Commissioning, and Reporting

Data Technology

Data Center (DC) Installation & Commissioning

Design/Build or Bid/Build of Data Centers. Typical contract includes: BIM Modeling, System Integration, Technical Submittals, Service Provider Coordination, Security Evaluation, Life Cycle Modeling, Installation, Cut- Over, Change Response, Testing & QA, Commissioning, and Reporting


SCIF/CAA Turnkey Construction and Deployment Services

Design/Build or Bid/Build of Secured Compartmented Information Facilities / Controlled Access Area for Intel Community (IC) end users operating OCONUS. Services are scalable and can be limited to the technology envelope or turnkey to include all CSI Divisions of Construction. Accreditation documentation and coordination included.

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TIC Program & Project Management Services (Outsourced PMO)

Program and/or Project Management Services are offered to clients and/or who want to retain more control and influence over their IT projects but don’t have the requisite skill in-house to manage a complex IT project. Typical services include: Requirements Development, Solution Architecture, RFP Development, Bid Management, Bid Evaluation, Vendor Management, Change Management, Quality Control, and Commissioning.

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TEMPEST Products & Solutions 

Fusion offers a full range of TEMPEST products and solutions to our end users and leads in development of new solutions to augment client IT security and their mission(s) both domestically and abroad.


SigBlocTM TEMPEST Products

SigBlocTM is a line of TEMPEST certified IT equipment by ProSync Technology Group, Inc. Fusion is an authorized distributor of this product to the Intel and Defense communities. Current approved products are TEMPEST certified workstation(s). Network switching products are in development with an early 2021 target release date. SigBlocTM products represent a game-changer in the TEMPEST community. They offer higher performance at a lower cost point than current solutions.


TEMPEST Equipment Installation, O&M, and Warranty Services

Fusion offers operation and maintenance services for TEMPEST equipment. Using our trained and TEMPEST certified IT professionals, we offer installation and verification services and tiered O&M support models that extend the life of the equipment and ensure performance throughout lifecycle ownership. Our service models include rapid response and repair worldwide


TEMPEST-L (TEMPEST “Like” Products for EMI sensitive environments)

Fusion offers a variety of IT equipment that is designed and built to TEMPEST standards but has not gone through the certification process. These products are ideal for certain USG and Commercial applications with physical security concerns without a TEMPEST certification requirement. TEMPEST-L products are quicker to manufacture, customize, and sell at a lower cost point than their TEMPEST counterparts. 

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TEMPEST-E (“Emerging” Threats & Vulnerabilities in Data Security & Integrity)

Fusion is working with leading industry professionals to evaluate current TEMPEST requirements, cybersecurity threats, and emerging physical threats to IT equipment in the secure environment. New threats represent serious vulnerabilities and Fusion is developing solutions and white papers to educate industry. 

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Design/Engineering Solutions

Fusion offers design and engineering services directly to end users, Architectural and Engineering firms, or Prime Contractors. Services are stand-alone or turnkey, bundled with TIC services.

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Project Design & Engineering Services

Fusion offers full-service project design & engineering services in CAD or Revit. Standard products include:

  • POR (Program of Requirements)

  • Specification Development

  • Concept and Bridging Drawings

  • Design Drawings (30%, 60%, 90%)

  • IDR (Integrated Design Review) via Projnet

  • IFC Drawings (Issued for Construction)

  • Shop Drawings and ASI

  • Technical and MSD Submittals

  • BIM Modeling

  • As-Built Drawings


Research and Development (R&D) Services

Fusion develops IT solutions for clients in support of their mission.

Electrical Engineer

Specialty Engineering Services

Fusion specializes in the following types of design projects:  

  • Data Center Design and Engineering

  • Structured Zone Topology

  • Telecom OSP (Outside Plant)

  • Telcom ISP (Inside Plant)

  • Telcom Riser Diagrams

  • Optical Fiber & Copper Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies

  • SCIF & CAA Construction

  • Audio-Visual Design

  • Logic Diagrams

  • TSS Design

Electrician's Supplies

Test & Commissioning Services

Fusion offers testing and commissioning services for the physical layer infrastructure and/or IT equipment as either part of a turnkey project delivery or as a third-party independent validation and verification. These services are firewalled off from our program and project management services and managed by our engineering team.

Lifecycle and O&M Support 

Our administrators can support your Lifecyle and O&M activities, encompassing a broad spectrum of services required to assure systems will perform to target levels to which they were designated. We provide organizations with day-to day administration activities necessary to maintain and provide system maximum uptime without disruption to services


Fusion Technology believes we stand-out from our competition. Below are some of those differentiators

MIC, MAP, & SZT Expertise

Fusion leadership has significant expertise in MIC (Modular Interior Construction) and MAP (Modular Architectural Products) delivering projects across the CONUS both for Commercial and U.S. Government end users. The Fusion ESG Leadership developed and patented a plug-n-play cable infrastructures solution utilizing a SZT (Structured Zone Topology) design which has been sole-sourced Globally by the DoD

Proven IT Services Past Performance

Fusion has been delivering IT Services to it’s to mission critical environments since its inception (over 12 years). CPARS and PPQ’s available upon request.

Mission Critical System Focus

Fusion proudly focuses on USG mission critical projects. We take pride in knowing that our efforts aide the safety, rigidity, and performance of the U.S. Government IC and DOD missions. Each member of our team is a patriot and considers those missions paramount and actively seeks ways to improve and strengthen the mission.

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ESG Project Footprint 

Recent Project Experience of ESG leadership team.

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John Bott | Partner

John Bott <

TEL.: 304-677-1442


Daryl Dixon | ESG President

TEL.: 410-725-9084

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