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Our Services

Cloud Development 

Federal agencies and commercial companies can face tremendous risk as they build new digital infrastructure and applications in the Cloud. Fusion Technology can limit this risk and enhance an agency's shift to the Cloud.

Biometric Integration 

Biometrics authentication protects against fraudulent identities, securing cyber operations in government and private agencies and of U.S. citizens.

Agile Development 

Agile software development is achieved through collaboration and flexibility, as teams communicate regularly and respond quickly to improve the development timeline and end product. 


The ability to identify security weaknesses cannot only protect against incoming cyber threats but also prevent future attacks on an agencies' infrastructure and thwart data theft.

Data Analytics

Comprehensive data analytics, through cloud-based or traditional on-premise technologies, can help federal agencies transform data from merely numbers and facts to meaningful and actionable information.  

Enterprise Architecture

Through various enterprise architecture services including roadmaps, system architecture documentation, and shared enterprise networks, Fusion Technology can take our customers from where they are to where they want to be.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise search uses complex algorithms and proven strategies—from keywords to advanced Boolean logic—to uncover data and perform analysis on multiple datasets. 

Fusion Enterprise Services Group (ESG)

Fusion Technology offers a turnkey and complete technology integration service offering directly to end users and prime contractors in Capital Improvement and/or Real Estate portfolio projects.


Geospatial mapping and geocoding offer visibility into “where” events happen, whether in network events, user activity, or crimes, enabling better analysis of locations and how they relate to other data.

Identity Management 

An enterprise-wide identity repository allows for centralized identity management of users, services, and access with single sign-on, protecting current and new systems from security breaches.

IT Services

Fusion Technology offers a wide range of advanced IT Services involving Development, System Engineering and Architecture, Network Services, and System Administration and Automation.

Blockchain Developer

Changing the Game

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Fusion Technology. Our main goal is to help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Click below to learn more about our experience within this ever-changing industry. 

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